Advanced Cooking – Day 2

September 21, 2016

I walked into the lab around 7:00 today and immediately checked on my cherry tomatoes that were in the dehydrator overnight. They still needed all day to keep dehydrating with the temperature turned up to around 130 degrees. A whole duck and salmon were waiting in the refrigerator for me to fabricate this morning. I started with the duck, feeling disappointed that I had to be shown yet again how to fabricate a duck. Thankfully, I was shown and it came back to me; I do wish to be able to learn things from having been shown just once, instead of multiple times though. The same thing happened with the salmon, I had to be shoimg_0978wn again until I remembered. (This is half the reason why I don’t fabricate the fish at my restaurant because I am afraid of messing it up.)

After both lessons, I helped sous vide the duck breast that we pulled from the duck carcass. We let the duck cook for an hour at 135 degrees so that it was the perfect doneness. It was immediately into an ice bath, because we cooked in the danger zone, and into the refrigerator. I skinned, deboned, washed and filleted the salmon into portions for the cafe and then went to watch a demo on how to make onion marmalade. I learned the term gastrique, which is defined as caramelized sugar deglazed with vinegar. This was a process we went through to make our blueberry sau
ce for our duck breast. I proceeded to witness demos on the Apache Pork Chops and the Shrimp and Pimiento Grits. We cleaned the kitchen and gathered ingredients for the new student lunch that would take place the next day. Today went okay, aside from the fact that everyone was having a tough time. It was like we all left our brains at home and the day was taking advantage of it; so all of the things that weren’t supposed to happen happened.

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