Advanced Cooking – Day 6

September 28, 2016

An easy going day awaited me in the kitchen. The surprising thing that happened was when I walked in to find Collin saying, “This is bad…”, which I then replied, “Why?”. He opened the oven door and there was the smoked pork butt that had been left in the oven overnight. He put the thermometer into the meat and we both sighed with heavy relief as it read 144 degrees. We just got extremely lucky.

            We were supposed to make pad thai today, but instead needed to cure extra bacon for the rest of the quarter and decided to braise some pork belly with vegetables, sous vide apples, and rhubarb with pomegranate juice. We served the pork belly as a special today with a quince fruit jelly on the side with kale and pickled onions. We also reduced down chicken and vegetable stock to make a glaze to which we added some of the quince fruit jelly as a thickener and flavoring agent. So good! Service went great, I think we are finally getting the hang of how to set up and hopefully get better at prepping quicker. Collin and I really work welimg_1292l together because we are both so easy going but somewhat serious when tickets start to come up. We want the food to turn out good even though we are under pressure. I don’t have much experience in a commercial kitchen as Collin does so I ask him for advice on a few things. It has been great so far because I like that we only have two to three people in the class, it almost comes down to some one on one time, which is great.


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