Advanced Cooking – Day 3

September 22, 2016

I got a late start this morning and didn’t have time to grab coffee, only had an apple for breakfast. We were a little cranky in the kitchen because others didn’t eat breakfast either…The lab started with preparation on the student lunch. We gathered mise en place for the clam chowder and butcher string tied the pork chops to help them cook more evenly. The apache salsa was prepared ahead of time by my “sous chef” Chef Gil, while Colin and I finished up on our prep. 11:30 rolled around and we started the clam chowder in the bistro while I helped gather equipment for the lunch like plates that needed to be chilled and dinner plates that were put in the warmer. Once we bowled the chowder, we went to work on the salads. While the salads were being made, the pork chops were seared off and then finished in the oven. In the meantime, the salsa was coming together in another frying pan. Once the pork chops finished we placed the under the heat lamp to keep warm while the salsa was almost done. The salads went out and about 15 minutes later the entrees were plated and they went out too. During the meal, Chef Gil went out to make sure things were tasting great. He proceeded to come back into the kitchen 10 minutes later and told me to go check on my guests because I was the chef. Very funny. So I went out and greeted everyone including the new student instructor. Everything was great, the food tasted awesome and all chefs that helped were complimented immensely, especially the deep fried dessert puffs with powdered sugar and maple caramel ice cream.

The rest of the day ran smoothly, but the only thing that made it slightly less enjoyable was the amount of stress that I was inadvertently putting on my body. I was thinking things like, what if I am too slow? Can I really get this much prep done? How is next week going to go? I beat myself up so easily over the littlest things, and then I remind myself that this is a learning experience. I came to school to learn more, and it will take some getting used to, but I’ll make it through because I am putting effort into it. This was all running through my head even when we cleaned up and went home at 3:00. The really enjoyable part of the day was knowing that I didn’t have to wake up at 6:00 to get ready for class, but wake up at 8:00 instead. Sleep will be needed tonight…

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