Advanced Cooking – Day 5

September 27, 2016

Today was going to go well. I got some good rest, got into class around 7:10 and immediately started cranking stuff out. We didn’t have much prep because of the day before, so we focused on some extra things and setting up for lunch service. With the refrigerator still down in the bistro, we had to use ice baths instead, which is completely fine. The demos today were on pho beef broth and apple tart tatan using a pate brisee dough. The beef broth was scrumptious but missing something, so we added soy sauce and it brought the flavor through the roof! So good! We then got to work on making the apple tart tatan which is basically an upside down cake. We peeled and cored about 5 lbs. of apples and placed them inside a large saute pan with sugar and butter pats on the bottom. We let that caramelize and get happy for about a half an hour before we gently turned them. Once caramelized we put a rolled out piece of pate brisee – flour, cold butter and water – on top and tucked the sides down. It went into a 350-degree oven for 45 minutes until the dough was browned nicely. I did not add banana to mine, but Chef Gil did saying that it was the best combination; he is really a banana fanatic.

Service went quite smoothly with a liimg_0986ttle rocky start, but I got the hang of it later on. Definitely a two-person job, I think. Because whatever you forget to do, the other person is there to pick up and be awesome. Dishes are always inevitable at the end, especially when you don’t have a large class and only two people. But it is a part of the day – good food requires a ton of dishes. Once service was done, we cleaned up  and looked forward to making pad thai the next day.


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