Advanced Cooking – Day 8

October 3, 2016

Another Monday has come and I am seriously not wanting to get out of bed. When you get so much rest over the weekend that you still feel lazy, something must be wrong. But today was going to be good and time consuming, or so I thought. Setting up the line for lunch was not hectic, especially when I would find out later that today would be VERY slow for service…We took advantage of the dead lunch service and prepped for demos and pickled some rhubarb so it would not go bad. We also made a rhubarb compote that we cooked down until it became like candy in your mouth. Garden fresh peppers were delivered from an employees house a couple of days back, and to help them not go bad we decided to make jelly out of them. The process consisted of pectin and sugar being mixed in a pot, brought to a boil while stirring constantly, then pouring into mason jars in ice baths to cool rapidly and to have that pectin set. The flavor was phenomenal! Clean up was easy-peasy, and we actually left around 1:30-2:00 after putting in a request form for produce and what not the next day.

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