Advanced Cooking – Day 9

October 4, 2016

Woke up, ate a breakfast (yeah!), and was headed out the door feeling great. I got into the kitchen and Salvador tells me he got a text from Colin: he has the flu… So, my day was going to be a solo mission which was fine because it consisted of demos, briefly setting up the line, and mise en placing for the next day; pho broth, sauerkraut, tofu, and maquechoux. I was shown how to make fried rice and coconut ginger rice using the pilaf method – toasting the rice in fat. The fried rice was similar to making pad thai, using low to medium heat on a wok and adding ingredients in one at a time, and always being mindful of how much heat you add to the wok. Fried rice is so easy and versatile a dish, you can put whatever tickles your fancy into it. I shredded some brussel sprouts really fine today for a pomegranate brussel sprout salad that is going on our asian cuisine menu next week. The vinaigrette for the salad was pomegranate molasses, lime juice, honey and olive oil with a touch of salt. The salad got clementines, shredded shallot, and would also get pomegranate seeds. Simple yet flavorful, those kinds of dishes I love the most! It is important with fried rice to make the rice the day before to give it the chance to dry out, and keep it chilled so that it does not get all lumpy when you go to saute it.

Today was nice to be alone because I got that one on one time with my chef, which I like because so many other colleges and institutes have huge classes so the opportunity doesn’t present itself as much as in a smaller institute like Skagit Valley College. Though I missed Colin, I enjoyed the fried rice lunch and brussel sprout salad wholeheartedly and quickly forgot I was the only one cooking in the cafe with the head chef.

I joined some fellow classmates in Chef’s Club after school to talk about upcoming events this month like Oktoberfest and a sports auction.


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