Advanced Cooking – Day 11

October 6, 2016

I walked into the lab this morning to find Colin standing at the entrance of the kitchen looking pasty and green around the face. I asked him what he was doing here when he still felt like the walking dead, and he responded by saying I am not sure I should be here either. He ended up leaving and taking a third day for rest, as he should because nobody wants the flu at school…

I spent the day prepping things that would not perish over the weekend so that there wouldn’t be so much to do on Monday. Chef Gil helped immensely and I honestly think he got twice as much accomplished then I did. But I think his experience kind of gives him the upper hand in some things 🙂

Service was slow at lunch, so I worked on Kalbi Jim (Braised Korean Short Ribs) because that would take the longest. I also worked on tofu because that is a somewhat time consuming process. I wrapped up anything that could be saved for Monday and tossed the rest of the things that were sitting from the beginning of the week. The pulled pork went to the deli for them to use for Friday and the chicken maquechoux leftovers went to me; that is my dinner for the next three nights. Yeah! I need more veggies in my diet right now. Something more than bread and chili…

The best part of today was the continuous laughing that went on between people in the kitchen. It was one thing after another because it was kind of slow and people just talked and laughed. It was great. I am still reeling from today’s adventures.Hopefully by Monday, Colin will make a full recovery and be ready to learn new things.


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