Advanced Cooking – Day 14

October 12, 2016

Today was easy.

Got into the kitchen, looked at our prep list, took inventory, prepped what little we needed and bam! We were ready for service by 9:00. Since we had spare time, Chef Gil showed us a little demo of a Thai Root Vegetable Stew (featured image) that tasted like heaven. We also set up the smoker outside to start cooking our curing bacon that has been in the reach-in refrigerator for about two weeks. Tasting that bacon after it came out of the smoker…well, lets just say I would have died if left a whole slab; it was that good.

Lunch went smooth, not a lot of people, I was in charge of plating while Colin learned how to cook the menu. We only got a couple orders of kalbi and some fried rice, nothing complicated. Clean up was quick as well; before I knew it the day was over and it was time to head home.

I planned on going to get some meat and cheese to do a platter and ended up grabbing potato bread from the Bread Farm, Kerrygold Irish two year aged Cheddar, and a montchevre goat cheese. It’s gonna be good eats tonight! Bread and cheese overload.



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