Advanced Baking – Day 2

October 7, 2016

This week we started in N121 to discuss gum paste and fondant and how to use it carefully so that it won’t become hard and dry out. We watched a couple videos and discussed some questions about fondant. After this, we headed over to the bakery where we used some modeling chocolate and fondant rolled thin and used cookie cutters and presses that had different shapes like leaves, apples, and pumpkins. We started the lab out by designing pumpkin tops for carrot cake muffins, just so we could get a feel of how to work with fondant. The tools that we used were interesting, almost like dental tools in a way…But after our muffin tops were done, we started working on making garnishes with modeling chocolate. We first warmed the chocolate up a little in five second burst in the microwave. We used cocoa powdered if it got too sticky on the hands, and we used corn starch or powdered sugar for the fondant if it got too sticky. But you had to be careful not to use too much or else it would dry it out faster and become harder to work with. You have to knead fondant if it hasn’t been used in a while because it is a little hard and dry. Almost like taffy, you stretch and bring it back on itself and fold repeating this until it is pliable. When we finished rolling our fondant, we then experimented with different colors like orange, red, green and light green to incorporate into another to make multi-colored leaves and such. Once pressed, we set them into molds like avocado cartons or egg crates to set up and dry out. We took pictures of the muffins and our garnish work and were quite pleased with how they turned out, for a first time effort.

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