Advanced Baking – Day 3

October 14, 2016

Friday mornings are the best because you know that you have one more day of classes before the weekend starts. And believe me, it is going to be a blustery and rainy, stay indoors and drink hot coco weekend!

The bakery was a little chilly as I walked in this morning to find all of our fondant cakes pulled and our garnishes ready. We were to assemble and present our cakes today and we only had two hours to do it in. Which is a reasonable amount of time when you think about it, it is just I could not decide what to do for the center piece of our cake. We ended up just going with the flow of sticking branches on the front in a woven fashion, multi colored leaves and modeling chocolate leaves on the sides, acorns and apples and pears were stuck in between the leaves, and the base of our cake was wrapped in pine green ribbon. Our center piece got kind of tricky as we stuck the biggest leaves that we made around the outside of the top layer, and made it grow bigger inward. Easier said when done when you start piling leaves on and realize that we still need the pumpkins and acorns to go on as well. We set our finished cakes in the cafe up on the windowsill for display and had a quick debriefing of how the process went, our likes and dislikes, and if we would create another cake. Personally, I thought of my cake as unfinished and needed more time for creativity, the addition of more branches and orange/green colors. But for a first cake, I am definitely fine with it.

After cakes, we immediately went on to sugar work. We started off using isomalt sugar and boiling it with 200 grams of water in a stainless steel pot. We cooked that sugar until it hit 360 degrees and then dunked a quarter inch of the pot into water to stop the heating process. Once cooled enough to somewhat handle, we poured our sugar onto silpats that were lined underneath with parchment paper. Our project was to form a base and a background piece today in either green or blue or a mixture of the two. I, loving the color blue, just wanted blue in our piece. Ellie agreed and said that just blue would be perfect. Once the sugar’s temperature wasn’t so severely hot, we worked the sugar around and created a sort of ball before it slowly sunk down again and created an even thick layer of sugar. we added color then and swirled it to make it look like Caribbean water splashing out of the sea. We learned that we would be adding all sort of sea creatures and shells, some fish, and anything else we wanted.

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