Advanced Cooking – Day 16

October 17, 2016

My alarm went off at 6:15 this morning. It was a rainy and cloudy day, not much wind as I think the storm had passed. I had a couple of things go wrong this morning: my printer ran out of ink so I could not print my opening and closing list for the kitchen. On top of that, my black chef pants mysteriously went missing. On my way to lab this morning I found a pair of black chef pants and a white spaghetti shirt next to the tennis courts. Then it all came rushing back — Friday of last week I was headed to my personal management class and my arms were literally full of stuff. I must have dropped them without knowing due to the high wind. Long story short, I bought another pair at the bookstore and took the ones from the tennis court to wash at home.

As far as prep went today, everything was great: the ducks were fabricated and sous vide, the salmon wraps were made, the kalbi was mise en placed and is waiting for early morning cooking on Tuesday. As for service, we were dead slow. One table of three and one table of one came to eat and that was it. We took advantage and caught up on other small things and organized the cafe reach-in (there is a lot of stuff in there due to demos that would be taking place this week for the Latin American menu).

Chef Gil was looking pretty groopy when he came into the kitchen. He quickly gave us a few tasks and walked out the door. I hope he gets better soon, I am really looking forward to the Latin American demos. Easy clean up and I was home by 2:10. Now to work on menu costing…


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