Advanced Cooking – Day 18

October 19, 2016

I woke up this morning determined to start on my menu costing. I got into the kitchen at around 7:10, went through the inventory and opening list and then was off starting my pricing for the American Regional menu. I also found out that Collin and I would be creating a three-course meal for 25 people on December 1st; this is our final for the advanced cooking class. It shouldn’t be a problem, especially when we are not going to be abandoned by our chef and deal with it fully on our own. That would be a little daunting. Aside from that, I worked on pricing for a good two hours before a Goat Curry demo was prepared and shown. The curry looked delicious even before it started searing in the big sauce pan. Braising I think is one of the most flavorful techniques of cooking because it allows all of the ingredients to marry together into one perfect and simple dish that is chock-full of deliciousness. img_1014

While the demo was going on, we poached a variety of root vegetables such as taro, china yam, purple yam, yuca, mountain yam, and yellow plantains. They all had their own unique flavor profile: some sweet, some with a neutral and fiber taste, others savory and somewhat creamy. Taro is a root that is hard to describe and I don’t think anything else tastes quite like it. The purple yam had the consistency of potato, and the plantains are just to die for especially when fried, but poaching is healthier for you.

After the somewhat hectic lunch service had ended, we cleaned up quickly and hit the menu costing again. We got done around 3:00 and then left for home.

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