Advanced Baking – Day 4

October 21, 2016

I was so looking forward to today because of the sugar fish that would be constructed. Pulled sugar is sort of difficult to work with, especially if you have never done sugar work before. The class is an introduction to sugar not a sugar mastery class, so it is kind of hard to fail unless you walk out or throw tantrums. Anyway, the first thing we did in class was boiled sugar for our rocks. We could color them however we wanted with the airbrush and then we dipped them in semi-hot sugar, which in turn made them glossy to look at. The goldish fall-looking rocks are the ones Ellie and I made.

We moved onto making our coral pieces after the rocks, which was neat because it was as simple as grabbing a kitchen aid bowl and filling it with ice, poking holes in it for hot sugar to go through and then pouring the sugar over it. It set up until all the sugar was cool, then turned it upside down to get the leftover ice pieces out of the inside. We colored the sugar red before pouring, which gave it a very striking color. It has the same look as coral and depending on the size of ice and the amount of holes, the coral will have different shapes. Ours kind of turned put as this one mass, but other teams had a long and tall end that cascaded down into a flatter, mottled surface.

After the coral I worked on blowing a fish for our sugar piece. These pieces looked straightforward to do, but in fact were super hard to accomplish. You had to constantly be in check with the heated sugar underneath the sugar lamps, the alcohol candle warming your blow pump and the temperature of the sugar when you started to shape and blow it. It took a couple tries to get the feel of how it works, but I managed to make my fish and attach it to the base piece.

Next week we will be making ribbons and bubble sugar, net sugar and various other things.img_1022


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