Advanced Cooking – Day 21

October 25, 2016

Today was an off day, I could feel it when I woke up.

This always happens when I have a really good day the day before. For some reason, it always seems like after I think I do a stupendous job one day then I have to be confused, running-around-with-my-head-cut-off stumbling person who cannot for the life of her get anything accomplished. Today was like that for me. I am sure people noticed.

But!….We did get to try a delicious dessert made by Ellie: a dessert soup with a mango sorbet. Let me tell you, nothing has ever tasted like that before. It was exquisite!!! Everyone who tried it thought so too. As far as prepping, we were a little unprepared just because everything is still unfamiliar and we aren’t sure how to plate and cook certain things, no thanks to the very hectic Monday that started the week. But, thank you to the people who came in Monday to eat lunch, I hope everything was delicious and satisfactory even if we were a little rushed and totally unprepared (not gonna lie). But service was a little busy and we have quite a few things to do tomorrow, or so it seems, including more sauerkraut because the five jars we had done of brussel sprouts grew pink mold.


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