Advanced Cooking – Day 22

October 26, 2016

I was a couple minutes late getting to class today, and Chef Gil was afraid that we weren’t going to show up (I wonder why). Collin and I started the day off with exercising our fingers with rubbing cabbage for sauerkraut. We also rolled out some pate dough and baked them in little metal boats for hors d’oeuvres that would be filled with a salmon mousse. The ACF is coming tonight and are having a little get together so that is what the salmon mousse appetizer was for. The sauerkraut is for the Oktoberfest this weekend and we pressed two overflowing 4″ hotel pans of cabbage. We set up for service and it was a little slow at first, then we started talking about campus service day was Thursday and faculty will be gone. This means the cafeteria will be closed but the cafe will be open and the coffee shop too. We might get a little busy even though there are no official classes tomorrow. But we can handle it, our prep list doesn’t look too bad for a Thursday. The service day for the kitchen is Thursday the 10th which is fortuitous because I finally bought plane tickets to Boston for Veterans Day weekend!

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