Advanced Baking – Day 5

October 28, 2016

Sugar class was spent finishing our underwater sugar pieces. We airbrushed some more shells, did sand casting like seaweed and I did little purple and red goggles for Ellie’s fish and mine; her fish looks like Elvis and mine just has lopsided eyes and a weird tail. But I think our fish piece turned out pretty well for a first time try. It was interesting working with sugar because you have to be constantly alert because one wrong thing could turn for the worse. Like burning your hands with hot sugar, melting a glove to your hand, your shell breaking off and then in turn breaking something else. Just so many things to watch out for, it was a little overwhelming at first. But now that I look back on Friday class, we as a group did fantastically well for not being exposed to sugar before. Out of the whole time we did sugar, I think that the blown sugar was the hardest just because yo had to be constantly aware of temperatures and how hot the sugar was getting. The best part was creating different things to stick onto our pieces like bubble sugar, the sugar casted pieces, the crystallized sugar and the corral, plus the sugar with royal icing that looked life the side of a reef. This class was super fun and I wish it was longer than three Fridays.

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