Advanced Cooking – Day 40

November 30, 2016 We got a lot done today as far as our final menu was concerned. The only thing that gave us trouble were the apple chips, but I have them sitting in the bakery deck oven overnight to dry out and hopefully crisp up some more or else they would have just disintegrated... Continue Reading →

Advanced Cooking – Day 39

November 29, 2016 Lots of prep work to do for our final menu today, and even though it seems like we were slower than slow we still managed to get a lot done. We are still waiting on our amazon order to come in containing the many molecular gastronomy tools that we need, but hopefully... Continue Reading →

Advanced Cooking – Day 38

November 28, 2016 Kayla and I started out this morning at 7:15 working on our chocolate sculptures and planning how to stand them up after being assembled. It was tough at first, mainly because we were lost in what to do and couldn't figure out what to do next. Thankfully Chef Dani had some time... Continue Reading →

Advanced Cooking – Day 37

November 23, 2016 Last minute touches on Thanksgiving baskets, pies and rolls were done today along with some final decisions and ingredient orders on our final menu on December 1st. We ended up making another half batch of cranberry relish because the batch we did only made enough for 10 12 oz. cups. There was... Continue Reading →

Advanced Cooking – Day 36

November 22, 2016 A little insane this morning with trying to tweak and pump out recipes and prep lists for the final menu. I am deeply regretting not discussing the planning a month ago with Collin; I think I took it for granted and didn't realize how important it was until now. Even so, we... Continue Reading →

Advanced Cooking – Day 35

November 21, 2016 With Thanksgiving right around the corner, the kitchen is bustling with brining whole turkey, cranberry sauce, stuffing, bread slicing, stock making, and final menu planning. I am currently working on recipes and a prep list for my final menu on the 1st of December for 28 people. This is what it looks... Continue Reading →

Advanced Baking – Day 7

November 18, 2016 We¬†had the honor of taking a class with the owner of Forte Chocolates in Mount Vernon today. She has won many worldwide and national awards for her caramels and chocolates over the past eight years. We first came up with a design and theme of what our snowman was going to look... Continue Reading →

Advanced Cooking – Day 34

November 17, 2016 Instead of being in the kitchen today, we were supposed to go to Google in Seattle. Instead of going to Google, we restaurant hopped around Seattle and Bellevue trying out different styles of food and shopping Pike's Place Market. We stopped at a wonderful mexican restaurant called TNT on our way into... Continue Reading →

Advanced Cooking – Day 33

November 16, 2016 A little faster paced today for lunch, but nothing more than four tables at most. Instead of stand around, Collin and I brainstormed for our menu at the beginning of December and then made red wine egg noodles that would be used for next week, and beef Kofta - a Mediterranean style... Continue Reading →

Advanced Cooking – Day 32

November 15, 2016 Slow, slow, slow. But we made up for the slow day with making some yummy Ragu - a meat based sauce that contains (not always) sauteed vegetables in a liquid, usually accompanying pasta - which paired well with a slice of decadent roasted lamb leg that had been marinated in a parsley,... Continue Reading →

Advanced Cooking – Day 31

November 14, 2016 Another Monday has come and there was much to do in the kitchen lab. Collin and I prepped for lunch service which included fabricating duck, braising lamb for pasta, making sauces such as beurre blanc and mustard saffron clam sauce, duck and pork quick sauces, more pork wellington and duck cassoulet! Tasty... Continue Reading →

Advanced Cooking Day 30

November 9, 2016 We actually were opening for service today and Collin has been sick since Tuesday. But we had everything prepped and ready to go in chaffing dishes to keep things hot and down below in the cold storage sliding bins to keep things cool. After lunch set up, I took a lunhc break,... Continue Reading →

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