Advanced Cooking – Day 28

November 7, 2016

Today was the start of the Mediterranean Menu!

We had much prep to do as I was the only one who walked into the kitchen at 7:05. No one else arrived until 7:45, which left me with straining the chicken stock, duck stock and pork stock until Chef Gil and Collin arrived. But thankfully we weren’t opening the cafe today, just focusing on learning the dishes. (Thanks Chef Gil for spending 5 hours of your time on Sunday to put together the demos that we needed for today!!!). We worked on quick sauces today, which are sauces made from a stock as the base, homemade pasta and braised lamb filling with a Parmesan herb broth, steamed clams with a mustard saffron sauce with crostini spread with tapenade, potato and celery root pave – thinly sliced potato and celery root soaked in cream and layered with butter and baked; they look like paving stones when seared and cut into – we filleted a halibut and also made traditional Cassoulet which is the bomb! Cassoulet is a peasant stew consisting of pork, sausage, and duck with beans, (pictures to come later on this week). We also made and baked off the pate for the beef wellington that we would be finishing tomorrow. I imagine tomorrow we will work on the fabricated halibut, quinoa tabbouleh salad and the poached chicken.


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