Advanced Cooking – Day 29

November 8, 2016

Today was not stressful but relaxing and full of new things to learn.

We made some more pasta dough so that we had some for service tomorrow if needed. We also prepped for our Quinoa Tabbouleh Salad, finished assembling our Pork Wellington which included mustard, pork tenderloin, chive crepes all wrapped in puff pastry then baked off. We cooked a piece of halibut in the sous vide at 145 degrees for 15 minutes in olive oil and salt. The orange burre blanc – a sauce cooked with white wine and lots ‘o’ butter, and whatever other kind of seasoning or flavoring you want – was our base sauce on the plate. The potato pave that I made the day before was seared and then put on top of the sauce, then the halibut topped the pave and the plate was garnished with roasted tomatoes that were heated in the same pan as the pave. We then garnished with micro basil. I have never had such a tender piece of halibut before. The last thinapple-fennel-tart-tating we made today was an apple fennel tart tatin and my god, the flavors were amazing and I could have, literally, eaten the whole thing. Delicious! Hope to make more great food tomorrow without being so concerned about lunch service.

Collin left after morning meeting and was looking a little pasty with his eyes irritated, I guess his kids have had some bugs of their own and he might have caught it; hope he feels better soon.


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