Advanced Cooking Day 30

November 9, 2016

We actually were opening for service today and Collin has been sick since Tuesday. But we had everything prepped and ready to go in chaffing dishes to keep things hot and down below in the cold storage sliding bins to keep things cool. After lunch set up, I took a lunhc break, came back at 11:00 and started service. We tried to squeeze some more demoes into my schedule which included plating everything and seeing how everything was supposed to look. Toward the end of service, five minutes to be exact before closing, two people showed up and took a half an hour before they ordered which thne took another twenty minutes for their food to come out because I started getting ahead of myself with cleaning up so that I could leave early. Well whenever you think that, something like this happens and your luck runs out, at 1:25 in this case. Oh well, it usually happens in the real world anyway…

Thanks to Sal for mopping up so that I could catch a ferry home to Orcas for the weekend! 🙂img_1043


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