Advanced Cooking – Day 34

November 17, 2016

Instead of being in the kitchen today, we were supposed to go to Google in Seattle. Instead of going to Google, we restaurant hopped around Seattle and Bellevue trying out different styles of food and shopping Pike’s Place Market. We stopped at a wonderful mexican restaurant called TNT on our way into Seattle and had some burritos, tacos and quesadillas with various types of salsas and guacamole. Our next stop was Pikes and all the wonderful things we found there…The first shop we entered was called the Truffle Cafe and you can guess what they specialized in. Come to find out the guy that ran the place was from the European area and the shop owner married into a family of truffle harvesters. They import truffles from Italy along with a multitude of other things like vinegar, oils, wine, pasta, oh….and more truffles! (We bought a black truffle for $27). I would definitely frequent this shop again.

If we weren’t so stuffed from our tacos only half an hour ago, we would have stopped in to have a pirohzky or two, but unfortunately had no room. We then mingled around a cutlery shop and proceeded to hit an infused oil and vinegar shop where we sampled chili, garlic, tomato and basil, and many other flavored oils/vinegars. Then came the great store of DeLaurentis; this place is filled with everything you could possibly imagine! I love this shop and if I lived in Seattle I would frequent it everyday. Samples of cheese, cured meats, pastas, canned goods, spices, wine and beer, a cute bImage result for Pikes placeistro in the corner of the shop, teas and coffees along with exotic chocolates and imported things from around the globe; it is literally everything you could dream up in one shop. Le Panier was packed as usual, not like pastries would fit in our stomachs, but we had produce and fish/meat to go look at to get inspiration for our 3-course menu that is due tomorrow. We visited a couple really good friends of Chef Gils at a thai restaurant and got to meet but not chat much because it was the beginning of the lunch rush for them. Hopefully we will get to see one another again and learn a thing or two from them.

Our next stop was Uwajimaya in the Industrial District of Seattle where everything Asian is at your disposal. Seafood, candies, drinks, ramen!, cookery and anime/manga land! (They had some pretty awesome One Piece wanted posters of Zoro; awfully tempting…). Anyway, the last stop we made was a dim sum place in Bellevue that was pretty good. We ordered pork buns, dumplings, rice cakes, spicy pork and shrimp dumplings and brocolli steamed with garlic. Super yummy and fun time with classmates. Got back to Mount Vernon around 4:30 and felt like taking a nap but I have work to do! (costing, menu planning, discussions).

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