Advanced Baking – Day 7

November 18, 2016

We had the honor of taking a class with the owner of Forte Chocolates in Mount Vernon today. She has won many worldwide and national awards for her caramels and chocolates over the past eight years. We first came up with a design and theme of what our snowman was going to look like and what kind of character it would take on. Kayla is my partner for this chocolate class and we decided on doing a classy snowman with a tuxedo which will be dashed with brown sugar and a little pocket in his coat which features a red handkerchief. He has a red tie made from red chocolate and his buttons were going to be milk duds, but I think we are going to change that to regular dark chocolate. His body is milk chocolate which we poured into sized cake pans and then left to set up in a cooler. His hat is an old fashioned tap dancer hat and his eyes are made from white chocolate and specked with milk chocolate. His hands were piped through a cone in layers after being dried several times to build endurance. We were going to do a pipe, but we figured that wouldn’t work with his crooked smile and buck teeth!

Pictures will be updated when I have a clear shot of all the pieces before we assemble. (They are a little messy right now).


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