Advanced Cooking – Day 36

November 22, 2016

A little insane this morning with trying to tweak and pump out recipes and prep lists for the final menu. I am deeply regretting not discussing the planning a month ago with Collin; I think I took it for granted and didn’t realize how important it was until now. Even so, we are making good progress and finally have a direction that is solid to follow. These next two weeks are the most important of the quarter, and I think both Collin and I are feeling the pressure of our final slowly creep up. But we are more than capable of executing this menu, and that is why Chef Gil is pushing us; he knows our abilities.

I want to thank Collin for taking this class with me, you h ave made the cafe a fun place to be everyday!

More thanksgiving madness in the kitchen, this time cutting up squash and potatoes and helping the first year students out since they were a little short handed today.

Image result for thanksgiving


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