Advanced Cooking – Day 38

November 28, 2016

Kayla and I started out this morning at 7:15 working on our chocolate sculptures and planning how to stand them up after being assembled. It was tough at first, mainly because we were lost in what to do and couldn’t figure out what to do next. Thankfully Chef Dani had some time to dedicate to those who wouldn’t be able to stay later today to work, so we got some much needed guidance. The first thing we had to do was brown sugar our vest for our snowman, we did this by brushing a light layer of milk chocolate onto the vest pieces and then sprinkling tons of brown sugar on top. We wanted the pattern of the vest to pop so we rubbed our fingers over the piece to get the brown sugar in the cracks, thereby accentuating the whole middle piece of the snowman. This I would say was my favorite part, decorating and placing the final pieces on the snowman before assembly. img_1352

I have to say that if we could somehow make it work, I would want to add a little dancing baton into his hand, but the hands were so fragile as it was and we didn’t want to risk breakage. He has a quirky personality as it is, so it was not a needed component. I do wish that we had a little bit more time with the owner of Forte Chocolates just to glean a few more decoration ideas from her, but you can’t always ask for extra time and must use your time wisely. Looking at the above pictures, I really wish we had shaved down the vest tips, because they kind of look ridiculous sticking up like that. But it almost looks like his collar is sticking up on both sides which gives him a little bit of a “stud” air. But not really… Anyway, first time sculpture didn’t turn out too bad. And I think getting the character was the most important thing to incorporate then the fine detail of the little pieces, because the latter comes with experience. I love how he turned out.


As for the rest of the day, Collin and I skinned and removed the breasts of 8 whole chickens each. The time it took for our sculpture cut deeply into our prep time today, but tomorrow will be when our produce order comes in and hopefully our Amazon order of molecular gastronomy minerals so that we can do some apple spheres and apple gels. We never got around to making chicken stock like we hoped today, but it only takes about 4 hours so if we get it started at 7:15 it should be done in time for us to make use of it for the day; we already mise-en-placed the stock we just have to put everything in a pot and simmer it.

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