Advanced Cooking – Day 39

November 29, 2016

Lots of prep work to do for our final menu today, and even though it seems like we were slower than slow we still managed to get a lot done. We are still waiting on our amazon order to come in containing the many molecular gastronomy tools that we need, but hopefully we will see it arrive tomorrow. We got our cauliflower press done, chicken and mushroom stock was made, our garlic chips have been blanched and are waiting for frying, potato croquettes were made and balled and ready for dredging/frying, applesauce was made. We also made mustard bechamel and washed and stemmed spinach for our creamed spinach. The most important things to do tomorrow are to sous vide the chicken roulades, bake our apple and kale chips, fry our garlic chips, make the apple gel and spheres, hopefully our beets come in to salt crust and roast, broccoli puree needs to be made and the mushroom rillettes need to be made. As you can see, lots to do before noon on Thursday. But I think we will be fine, I just hope we have time for plating and demoes in between prep.


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