Advanced Cooking – Day 29

November 8, 2016 Today was not stressful but relaxing and full of new things to learn. We made some more pasta dough so that we had some for service tomorrow if needed. We also prepped for our Quinoa Tabbouleh Salad, finished assembling our Pork Wellington which included mustard, pork tenderloin, chive crepes all wrapped in…

Advanced Cooking – Day 28

November 7, 2016 Today was the start of the Mediterranean Menu! We had much prep to do as I was the only one who walked into the kitchen at 7:05. No one else arrived until 7:45, which left me with straining the chicken stock, duck stock and pork stock until Chef Gil and Collin arrived….

Advanced Baking – Day 6

November 4, 2016 Another day and it is just windy as heck here. I swear it is a miracle that we haven’t lost power. I am feeling much better today and hope I will fully recover by tomorrow. I hope everyone in class has fun watching chocolate videos and getting ideas for our snowman sculptures.

Advanced Cooking – Day 27

November 3, 2016 Nothing much to say for today except that I am working hard to nurse myself back to full health and get back to doing what I love. Hope everyone stays healthy!

Advanced Cooking – Day 26

November 2, 2016 Besides being bent over the toilet at 4:30, I am feeling a considerable amount of difference today; like the rest I have been getting has finally caught up and done some good, fever is gone and the nausea is at a dull roar. More tea is on the agenda for today and…

Advanced Cooking – Day 25

November 1, 2016 Yet another miserable morning. Woke up around 5:30 and started puking my guts up. So I go from head cold for two days on the weekend to the flu and a slight fever on Tuesday. Why couldn’t me getting sick happen just on the weekend? I really hate missing class and the…