All of these wonderful creations were made in the past week and a half for various reasons. Mostly just to enjoy and expand my vision of baking but mostly because I love to cook/bake different things. For my sister, the chicken picatta is healthy and wonderful but the only thing really prominent is the butter,... Continue Reading →

Advanced Baking – Day 8

December 2, 2016 Wrapping up Advanced Baking today and talking about what we did and did not like: Cakes: I liked making the decorations above all else, putting the fondant on was a pain in the butt but we managed to make it look pretty good for a first time effort. I could see myself... Continue Reading →

Advanced Cooking – Day 41

December 1, 2016 Today was the big day! ¬†And let me tell you it went great! The dishes went out according to plan and with everything designated to each course with the small mishap of the kale and garlic chips; we were kind of rushed with the last course and plating it. But we made... Continue Reading →

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