Advanced Cooking – Day 41

December 1, 2016

Today was the big day!  And let me tell you it went great!

The dishes went out according to plan and with everything designated to each course with the small mishap of the kale and garlic chips; we were kind of rushed with the last course and plating it. But we made it work. The morning went as expected with rolling the chicken for our roulades and frying our croquettes, searing the salmon, making Chef Gil’s special Byaldi with quail egg and colorful fingerling potatoes and shaved truffle on top. The only course I was not truly satisfied with like the rest of them was the amuse bouche. Our gels were a little too hard, our spheres had too much skin from sitting overnight in a cold water bath and the apple chips could have been a little crispier. But hey, most of the guests enjoyed it. We found out at the end of service that the guests themselves were grading their experience and how they thought the food tasted. We were brought out at the end to be introduced as the chefs and planners of the menu and without us none of this would have been possible. 🙂 very flattering of Chef Gil. A lot of planning and confidence went into planning this menu even if it was only produced a couple weeks ago…

Great job Collin, Chef Gil, and Sal! We rocked it 🙂

Here are some pictures of the plating:


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