Advanced Baking – Day 8

December 2, 2016

Wrapping up Advanced Baking today and talking about what we did and did not like:

I liked making the decorations above all else, putting the fondant on was a pain in the butt but we managed to make it look pretty good for a first time effort. I could see myself doing this for a special occasion like a friend’s birthday party, I wouldn’t say I am ready for a wedding or big event like that, but I would practice a little at home ( there are definitely other things I would play around with first). Our finished project was good considering we had to add an extra layer onto our 8-inch cake so it looked a little bulky, but not all cakes are perfectly baked and nice and round. The thing I would do differently with the cake is make a better center piece for the top because there was not enough height and we didn’t plan exactly what we were going to put on the top but leaves and acorns, apples and pears, and squash. I would think something else up to make it taller.
I have to say the best part about sugar class was airbrushing our sugar pieces and making the underwater weeds and corral. I really liked the colors of the corral and how deep the red was, and the seaweed turned out perfect with broken pieces and holes here and there. Our fish were great too, Ellie’s Elvis fish and my fish – a Sidekick to Elvis. I could see myself just experimenting with different techniques in sugar and coloring it however I wanted, there are so many ways to go with sugar. I think our finished sugar pieces turned out splendid for a first time effort, and the detail paid to each decoration was really spectacular and I think Ellie and I’s creative sides really shown through with that piece. I think the thing I would do differently about our sugar piece is to add more seaweed and try to make a better looking sugar fish, because the hardest thing was making that fish and keeping it tempered so it wouldn’t break off. It was kind of frustrating and took me three tries, but I got it in the end.
My favorite technique for our sculpture snowman was the patterned vest with brown sugar, it really made the whole thing pop with character and quirk. I wouldn’t say that I want to try putting a chocolate snowman together again, but I am glad I got to once even if it was a little bit stubborn to work with. Our finished project would have looked really cool if we could get all of those finger prints out of the surface, but honestly it is really hard to keep your prints off when you are trying to support it from falling onto the floor while melting the bottom to sit flat on a cake plate. But other than that, the snowman turned out good. I like our design and everything so I wouldn’t change that either.

This class was a lot of fun and it helped me appreciate different works that professionals make and the steps that they might go through when doing an advanced piece of chocolate, sugar, or a fondant cake. We had an awesome class too, it was a huge blast! And our chefs are very helpful and knowledgeable of the subjects studied. 🙂


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