Adv. Bread/Pastry – Day 2

January 10, 2017

I arrived at school earlier than planned today and there was nobody there. I was a little surprised to see Kayla arrive before me, but we had a chance to go grab coffee before getting started in the bakery. Once opened, we immediately went to feeding our sourdough and mixing our poolish with our final dough bread and water for our pan rustic. It was an all day affair from fermenting to tighten up the shape on the bread to placing in bread baskets and letting sit in the refrigerator overnight.

After dabbling in the world of yeast and bread, we diverted our attention to the lovely task of finishing our banana pudding mise en place and baking off our tart shells for our chess pie. The peach cobbler was tricky; for some reason I was thinking of doing individual cobblers for consumption but after consulting with Chef Shawnna, we decided to bake the cobbler in a 9 x 13 inch pan with curved pastry circles on top. I am still not sure if I liked the way it turned out, but the first time doing a cobbler in a big pan like that will give me that impression because I am not sure how to make it look. Oh well.

Angel food cake batter went into the oven for our banana pudding and the only component left to do is the meringue. The intended procedure for the meringue is to pipe out the desired size disk we need for a small plastic cup onto aluminum foil, then we will brown the top with a cooking torch for color and presentation. Hopefully all the plating and assembly goes well in the next few days because I will be gone at 10:30 tomorrow: headed to Olympia for the Governor’s Inaugural Ball.

The thing I liked most about today was getting to play with our Pan Rustic dough and I cannot wait to bake them off to see what they will look like. The thing I didn’t like about today was having no idea how the desserts for the buffet were going to go, it was like my mind drew a complete blank when I thought of creative ways to think…Plating and other advanced baking techniques allude me because I haven’t dabbled in the art enough. My real passion is cooking and I still haven’t learned nearly enough. Yet I love to learn everything about food in general, and I bake in my down time at home and when I am feeling creative. Such is my life.

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