Adv. Bread/Pastry – Day 5

January 18, 2017

It is utterly unacceptable for me to open my eyes at 6:00 am and fail to leave bed until 6:55 am for school. I’ve turned into a grizzly bear; sleep in, be lazy, relish the thought of 10 credits being the maximum work load…Sometimes I shock myself, really, because even though I am this hard-working and extremely driven by learning young college student, I find the time to do absolutely nothing when I should be doing something productive.

Now that my daily ramble has been flung at my devoted readers–


This week has been smooth, and the meaning of smooth here is always having something to do and never sitting around twiddling thumbs like I own the place. Aha…anyway, multi grain bread was the first tackle and when I say tackle it just means soaking oats and cracked wheat for our dough mixture (soaker on the left and pate fermentee on the right = a pre-ferment of flour and water with a little yeast). Our multi grain loaves would be mixed around noon to allow the soaker to take on the water and become soft before transferring to a final dough for mixing.

There is nothing to compare to the sweet aroma of baked “butter balls” so early in the morning. These smor bullars (glorified Mexican tea cookies) are used for our annual Smorgasbord at the college, but we gladly used it to create these decadent sugar balls for our Thursday buffet. Probably the easiest thing to bake, cookies are versatile and widely loved by most at parties and everyday snacking; perfect for a buffet.

As for the above pictures, I am sure everyone has had some sort of cornbread. Be it from your great grandma’s home kitchen or a southern ol’ lady, cornbread is a lovely comfort food. Not to mention the flowing richness of honey and the fattening delectable butter pour-over that accompanies the bread nearly 100% of the time. And yet there are still various avenues to turn to when choosing your ingredients for cornbread; when I make it at home, I don’t use corn but just straight up rich and amazing honey, flour and yellow cornmeal. Two recipes were used for the cornbread, one calling for cheddar cheese and jalapeno and the other extra sharp cheddar and fresh corn. Since fresh corn is scarce this time of year, we settled for plain frozen corn and added more liquid to the recipe to help it retain moisture. Having never tested the recipes, we had no idea how they would turn out. Now after baking the cornbread, we realize the lack of a salty flavor and the substitution of white cornmeal for yellow cornmeal did not make a lasting impression or want to replicating this particular formula. Trial and error, though. I figure the first two to three weeks will lay a sturdy foundation and timeline for the rest of the quarter, just like last quarter followed the same suite.


This curious looking piece of art in its raw form is composed of an almond tart dough that is rich and slightly crumbly and a 10-inch tart shell. This half-completed dessert is to be transformed into a Cherry Clafoutis, a sweet and tangy tart that gives you a whole new glance at sour cherries. For one who does not jump with joy at the sight of the bulbous fruit, this dessert should be an interesting first.

That concludes today’s briefing, folks. Join me next time when the center of attention will fall on the beautifully plated buffet desserts created by Kayla Guernsey and Sierra Haugen.

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