Adv. Bread/Pastry – Day 7

January 23, 2017

A somewhat slower week is expected with bread and some buffet dessert planned for Thursday. We are going with a northwestern theme on the desserts, this includes Cherry Claufotis, Lavender Panicotta with a Blackberry Compote (we decided not to use marionberries), and Orange Financiers. On top of these delicious desserts that we have to slave over, we have a gluten-free dessert to make whether that is a cake, quick bread or cookie.

Number one on our agenda…fill sinks and bleach buckets and then bake-off scones and cookies. Our sous chef went to the doctor today for a cough that seems to have gotten the better of her, so Kayla and I were acting sous chefs today while we started prepping for our buffet dessert, particularly the panicotta. Since the custard would take no less than four hours to set up we decided that should be the first order of business. While the panicotta custard was cooking, I steeped some lavender in heavy cream so the liquid could be added to the main custard before cooling. The custard was made with ease and has quite a lovely lavender bite to it…gotta love it! While we poured the custard into molds and placed them in the refrigerator we got to work on our financier garnishes and mise en place. We came to agreement upon dipping half the financier with chocolate and then topping with toasted hazelnuts, although at this point we are experimenting and nothing is set in stone yet.

Toward the end of the day it was time to feed our sourdough starter, which is looking pretty happy and lively, make a poolish for pan rustic bread, and mix a dough for french bread which is retarding in the refrigerator overnight. As you can gather, quite the menagerie of foods being prepared.

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