Adv. Bread/Pastry – Day 9

January 25, 2017

Why don’t we just take a special moment out of our busy-as-heck lives and marvel at the scrumptious pictures before us? Let me just tell each and every one of you who are reading this sentence right now that all bread that gets baked by Kayla and I is amazing. Especially with salted butter spread on top of a warm piece of freshly sliced bread. Yeah, that is the life of a college student who is trying desperately not to get fat with all the good food going around. As you can tell from the above collage, bread and bread and more bread was the focal point of the morning. We found that doubling the salt that it calls for in each recipe lends a really hearty flavor to all of our breads so we have converted.

Cherry sauce was brewing in a pot with lots ‘o’ sugar for our Cherry Claufotis. The sour cherries that we used weren’t that tart, but the addition of the cherry sauce will create the perfect balance of sugary and sour. Our panicotta are setting up nicely in the refrigerator, all that is left is to unmold and plate them with garnishes. Our financier batter was mise en placed and is ready for an early bake in the morning. On Wednesdays, we open a pastry case in the school cafeteria for people to purchase from with tickets. Today we had carrot muffins with cream cheese icing, decadent chocolate brownies, and creole cupcakes made by the first quarter students featuring orange, chocolate coffee, and orange with mandarins on top. They also baked quick breads the week before and were able to sell those: cherry, blueberry, lemon lavender poppy seed. Most everything sold, save for eight brownies and about six cupcakes.

The rest of the afternoon was spent mise en placing for a gluten free dessert which we decided to do carrot coconut muffins with a gluten free cream cheese frosting. Next time we hope to do a gluten free coconut layer cake. I baked off my whole wheat bread around 1:30 and it turned out pretty well, but it need another five minutes in the oven to really develop that crunchy crust texture that we are looking for. Flavor was phenomenal as it was whole wheat flour that had been milled right here in Skagit Valley. Hometown bread is the best!

Lastly a picture of our Cherry Claufotis tart shells that were blind baked this morning:

Tart shells
Tart shells

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