Adv. Bread/Pastry – Day 10

January 26, 2017

While my full schedule for the day commenced, financier batter was being made and ready to bake off. They would then get smeared with chocolate fudge sauce and crusted with toasted hazelnuts. Our cherry claufotis almond tart shells had been blind baked the day before and left to rest on the cooling rack overnight, the bottoms were doused with sour cherries in a circular fashion and then a custard was poured on top. Once baked it would created a beautifully assembled dessert and all that would be left to do is dusting with powdered sugar and plating.

Plating was underway with the cooled and set financiers, and we decided to go basic with a white square platter and arranged them in an orderly pattern. They were pretty popular, as we would soon find out at the buffet. Once the cherry claufotis tarts had cooled we tried to unmold them from our tart shells, but found that they were a little gooey on the bottom. The solution was simple: Cut and powdered sugar them in the shells and gently lift out with a spatula onto the desired plates. While still in the world of cherries, we had leftover cherry juice that we converted into a delicious sauce that paired superbly with the claufotis. I had never known what a claufotis was until I made one, now I am a die hard fan because this tart could be made with anything really.

Popping the lavender panicotta out from its mold proved challenging while in a refrigerated state, but pop them in the freezer for just thirty minutes and they become perfectly malleable. This discovery was thanks to Kayla and Ellie – the superhuman who accomplish too many things to count last quarter, by herself, every single day. We have her to be thankful for! Once out of the silicon molds, the panicotta was drizzled with a heavenly blackberry sauce and topped with candied orange zest, crystallized basil, and fresh halved blackberries. I have to say that it is the prettiest thing I have ever had the chance to plate (dessert-wise…).


It was a slightly disappointing when walking out to the cafe to replenish our desserts that the panicotta had slowly dissipated. It was the dessert I thought would intrigue so many people into trying it, but we had about eight leftover on the dessert table plus another six or so in the refrigerator that had not been plated. I think it might have just been too pretty that people didn’t want to mess it up…or something like that. 😦

We ended the day with Kayla baking off some wonderfully light carrot muffins that were gluten free. We topped them with cream cheese frosting and let me tell you do they look gorgeous! Not bad for her not frosting much since the first quarter in the bakery 😉

20170126_130248 I am completely satisfied with how this buffet turned out, we had everything planned to the T and everything was going right (knock on wood). It was amazing and I am always going to be happy that Kayla is in advanced baking with me this quarter. I don’t think I could handle it all by myself, not to mention how lonely it would be. Another reason why I cannot believe how Ellie coped last quarter. But she is our sous chef right now and I am delighted to have her in a class with me!

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