Adv. Bread/Pastry – Day 11

January 30, 2017

Sadly, the weekend and the start of a new week in the bakery has begun with my throat super sore and slightly bleeding, and from the massive amount of coughing that has been wracking my body late at night. I have had measely hours of decent rest and I think about all of the fun things I am missing today. Poor Kayla, by herself again. I really hate getting sick, but I knew for a fact when I got out of bed this morning that there was no way I could put in a 6 hour day on two legs. So I messaged my instructor and my classmate telling them the situation and how I wouldn’t be in today. She told me to take Tuesday off as well and get back to my super-healthy self. I plan on it unless I have a miraculous recovering tonight and hopefully be able to join Kayla in the bakery tomorrow.

Keeping my fingers crossed as I drink 6-8 cups of piping-hot tea with lemon and tablespoons of golden honey…


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