Ad. Bread/Pastry – Day 17

February 13, 2017

Containing my excitement  was all to easy a feat as this poor girl who had been traveling since 12:30 the night before finally got up from bed at 6:50 this morning. Strange and unexplainable things befall me when adequate rest is not granted but terribly wished for every night. I came schlumping into the bakery half asleep with my eyes drooping and body aching. I had no idea what was planned for the day, but I knew it entailed macarons and madeleines, the rest was lost in the fog of my drowsy skull. Once I conquered the dreary hours of the dawn, my mind became clear and it commanded me to get cooking (or baking in this instance).

I beheld several varieties of fruit purees that Chef Dani had secretly stashed away in the bakery storage freezer. All ranging from kiwi to pina colada, thai basil and black pepper, guava, lychee and many more. The one I chose to incorporate into my buttercream was white peach. I also had leftover buttercream from my last batch of macarons which had a slight lemon taste. That got mixed with the standard french buttercream and the white peach to create harmony between two chewy pistachio macarons. Kayla decided on mocha macarons with a dark chocolate ganache filling. Yum-yum.

Next order of business was madeleines and this was a different twist in mixing a batter. You beat the egg yolks with sugar until fluffy and light. Meanwhile you heat up butter, brown sugar and honey until dissolved and add that to the egg mixture after folding dry ingredients like flour, baking powder, and salt. This gave the batter a consistency reminiscent of pancake batter but bound tighter and smoother. This batter would set in the fridge overnight until ready to bake the next morning.

Small chores like sourdough levain, croissant dough for pain au chocolate, and such things were made for production tomorrow.


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