Adv. Bread/Pastry – Day 18

February 14, 2017

Happy Valentine’s Day everyone!

Today was going to be crazy I just felt it, but at least I wasn’t in a downer mood like yesterday since I was fatigued and running on 5 hours of sleep. Don’t be around me when I haven’t slept any because I get mean and none too friendly. I was a little late in getting to school today because of said fatigue and the snoozing setting on my alarm. I arrived at 7:30 and got to work right away on preparing to bake the madeleines, assembling our macarons for the event and rolling in butter to our croissant dough. We never got around to mixing sourdough so that will be for tomorrow.

The madeleines turned out gorgeous (first time) and they tasted like golden brown goodness. It was recommended by a certain short chef of ours to watch the madeleines while they baked because they develop that little pot belly and it is fun to see. Once baked, our madeleines were placed on wire racks to cool completely for service later. We then turned to our macarons.

We had everything prepared yesterday and the macarons were left to dry on the wheel rack in the bakery. I rewhipped by buttercream while Kayla whipped her ganache to a nice consistency. We found two macarons that looked alike and placed them together in the corner of our sheet trays and then began piping our cream and ganache into each one. I finished mine off with a quick roll in toasted pistachios while Kayla decided to streak the round macarons with a little of the ganache using a pastry brush and cocoa powdering her heart macarons to add depth and mask an imperfection or two 😉

Pistachio macarons
Pistachio macarons
Mocha heart macarons
Mocha macarons

Towards the end of the day we rolled our butter into our croissant dough and gave it three 3-folds and are letting them rest overnight for the pastry case tomorrow. With the croissants done, the madness was about to descend when the chefs left for a meeting and Kayla and I were the only ones in the bakery save a few new students finishing up their bread baking. All of the sudden Carrie comes in and says she needs 120 cookies and we automatically assume that the product she wanted were the M&M mini cookies that were baked today. But in fact it was our product that needed to be divided onto two trays, 60+ each. This included heart shaped, iced and airbrushed sugar cookies, our macarons, palmiers, and our madeleines. When all was said and done there were maybe seven of both macarons left, two sugar cookies left, all the madeleines were gone and the palmiers were down to two. Crazy, crazy but definitely worth participating in everyday!

That was that! All I will say is this for those with broken hearts tonight:


It tastes pretty good. Wish you all could have one!


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