Adv. Bread/Pastry – Day 19

February 15, 2015

Very exhausting but productive day as our lychee macarons with key lime ginger buttercream were assembled, the almond croissants were baked and powdered sugared, and our brioche were soaked in orange simple syrup and filled with pastry cream then wrapped in Swiss meringue and blow-torched. We also were given cherry cream cakes to present inside the pastry case today that were made by the first year students; they did a fabulous job decorating the tops and transforming them into decadent desserts. Chocolate croissants were proofed and egg washed before finally joining the fray in the oven and then plated onto gold trays for the case. Some of the croissants rolled open because not enough egg wash was used to glue them shut (*cough* Kayla…) Heehee, just having fun! Sourdough was also mixed and left to ferment, but we probably won’t have time to bake it today due to time constraints and a million things happening at once.

Anyway the pastry case was a huge success and the lemon and vanilla cheesecakes were popular, macarons were the first to go for their inventive nature and scrumptious taste, not to mention the simple but elegant garnish of lemon zest twirls on top of each individual cookie. Well done Kayla, we are going to be the macaron queens by the time we graduate!

The last thing we accomplished today was doughnut dough for Chef Gil tomorrow. We didn’t realize it took 40 minutes just to mix the dough, so I finished it up while Kayla had to travel to work…I was there until about 4:00 getting everything cleaned up and put away in preparation for tomorrow. We have to think up a creation for Chef Gil’s menu next week and we want it to be “good”, or rather Chef Gil wants it to be “good”, we want it to be exquisite.

Apologies if this entry is a bit rushed, I am super tired from the long week and am needing to catch up on some sleep immensely!!! So, tah for now and pictures of the pastry case will be uploaded soon. 🙂

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