Adv. Bread/Pastry – Day 21

February 21, 2017

The instant I stepped into the bakery, the unexpected happened:

One of our chefs has the flu and had to leave as soon as she got there but at least our sous chef is back and was able to fill in somewhat. We were told that today would be a shorter day due to staff meetings and such, so all Kayla and I focused on was feeding our sourdough and finishing our plated dessert for the cafe which just so happens to be explained in thorough description next.

My creation of Japanese cheesecake

The Japanese really know how to handle desserts. Westernization of the cheesecake is all well and great if you’re just looking for a bite or two of rich decadence that leaves your stomach groaning from the heaviness. But one bite of this fluffy, sponge-like cheesecake and you will be asking for more. The only drawback being the cake itself cannot be served alone, it must be accompanied by two or three others things that play in harmony with each other’s tastes. For instance: Japanese cheesecake cut into rounds and then halved. Next strawberry sauce and fresh strawberry compote mixed with some sauce. Basil simple syrup to add green and allow the full-bodied color of red pop on the stark white backdrop. Then arrives the superb but simple flavors of almond and lightly sugared whipped cream that transformers into an almond cream and topped with a sesame brittle-like cookie: a benne wafer round. I have to admit I had my doubts on whether the tastes and textures would play well together. But the plate speaks for itself: a Japanese style strawberry shortcake that is way lighter and probably in some ways healthier for the body (and the conscience).

Don’t you wish you could just reach into that picture with a spoon and wreck it up?

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