Adv. Bread/Pastry – Day 22

February 22, 2017

Falling asleep earlier than the night before doesn’t necessarily guarantee you beneficial hours of true rest. Hence the way I felt when dragging my body from bed at 6:30 and yearned very much to rest my head onto that fluffy pillow once more. Sadly I had not the luxury nor the time to think about such thoughts and promptly got dressed and ready for school. Today was a little busier than Tuesday which was amazing because I figured Tuesday would be the most unbearable day to run through.

The agenda held churning ice cream (cinnamon & caramel), assembling, decorating, and egg washing our puff pastry pithiviers which we decided to fill with apple and pear along with frangipane. Then off to baking our Bailey’s chocolate creme brulee garnished with net sugar, making hazelnut chocolate semifreddo for next week and gathering ingredients for sourdough levains – a whole wheat levain and a pain de mie levain. I found that I really like to work with custards because they are so versatile with the flavor combinations that you can do.

I find it hard to come up with different plated dessert ideas and actual plating because there is so much I haven’t experienced in that side of the baking world. The only time I experimented and learned stuff about the subject was when I was in Baking 3 the first quarter I was in school. That was a year and a half ago, so sometimes it is hard and I doubt that I have creativity in me when it comes to plating because it is not one of my strengths. I am hoping that Kayla can bounce some ideas off of me, we really do work quite well together when we brainstorm and think up dessert ideas; everything seems to run smoother with her around.

We baked Kayla’s pithivier today and it turned out amazing, (mine will be put in the freezer for use next week), very nice design and great browning on top with some shine from the french egg wash on top. I cannot wait to cut into it and partake. In reality puff pastry from scratch is not difficult to accomplish, it just takes time and care; as do croissants and danish dough. You have to be mindful about temperatures or else it could spell the end of your flaky layers if you aren’t. Her puff pastry ascended quite a bit while baking and created some nice layers in between. We did not make the mistake of egg washing the inside where the two layers come together for fear of some slipping down the outside of the pastry onto the edges — this would prevent the layers from rising because the egg wash would bind them together.

Our ice cream is currently in the bakery freezer chilling for future use in plated desserts. Our creme brulee was just a tad overcooked on the one that was baked in the very back of the deck oven, we think water might have sloshed in there from moving it around and then continued cooking with that added moisture and got all soppy before curdling a little. The other three turned out just fine though, nice mouth feel and no curdling, not to mention that taste which was phenomenal! Creme brulee is super easy to make and you can do whatever flavor you want.

The almond apple pithivier is to be baked next week as a cafe dessert, hopefully. Now that we are not doing the pastry case I feel I have more time to spend with Kayla on plated desserts and final dessert ideas.

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