Adv. Bread/Pastry – Day 23

February 23, 2017

Bread, bread and more bread. This sourdough recipe had a 68% moisture level and to be quite honest it seemed more like 75% because of the consistency of the dough. I added more flour to it while folding and while shaping into oblong loaves, but it still seemed quite sticky probably due to the addition of a sourdough levain. Anyway the taste and look were both rustic in nature and the walnut added a nice hint of nuttiness to the crumb. I reduced the amount of walnuts thinking that 8 oz was way too much, I went with 6 oz instead. I also increased the amount of salt from 0.6 oz to 1 oz figuring that the flavor would need to be boosted a bit more. I was right because the dough was very flavorful with the sourdough, rye and the walnut playing in harmony.

Cakes, cakes and more cakes (haha!). Our sponge could have baked a little longer to attain additional golden brown coloring, but I think when we cut into it for our advanced cakes to be decorated it will yield a delicious flavor to any application — such as Bavarian filled cakes, fruit cakes or a bottom garnish on our semifreddo. We still have lady fingers to do for our tiramisu next week; it seems like we have so many skills left to cover and it is hard to find time for any of the bakery chefs to help us out because they are busy with the first years. You gotta do what you can though…

Now we frolic through the many worlds of gluten free items that have to be made every Thursday for an event. This week I whipped up a batch of GF almond butter cookies that turned out quite nicely in flavor and texture. I dusted them with powdered sugar once cooled and the one I sampled was paired with my latte made specially by Ellie – she is practicing for her capstone and is trying to integrate fresh made espresso into her final next quarter.


With our spare twenty minutes at the end of the hectic try-a-trade day in the bakery, Kayla and I experimented with plating our semifreddo dessert for next week. The above picture was one idea we had and found that the flavors of the fruit and caramel play just perfectly with the velvety chocolate hazelnut semifreddo dessert topped with net sugar. (First time making semifreddo and totally aced it in all departments 😀 YUSSS!)

Have a fabulous weekend and try something different in the culinary world!

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