Adv. Bread/Pastry – Day 24

February 27 2017

All about the Tiramisu this week! So flipping exciting because this is one of my all time favorite things to eat, but have never actually made it until today (and it wasn’t the traditional version either). We chose 8″ ring molds to layer our Tiramisu in instead of doing the square assembly and we made our own sponge instead of buying the really hard and dry ladyfingers at the store. Ribbon sponge was made and spread across a silpat sheet and different designs were scrawled on the surface and then left to freeze. We then made a joconde sponge cake batter to spread on top of the frozen ribbon sponge so that both batters would meld together while baking and create a lovely look on the outside of our Tiramisu once unmolded. We made our own espresso simple syrup — with two shots of espresso and 1/4 cup coffee liqueur — to soak the sponge cake in after it had been baked, cooled and rounded. A bavarian cream filling with Marsala wine was made for the inside of the Tiramisu. Instead of just dusting the top with cocoa powder, we chose to instead make a cocoa jelly that we could pour over when significantly cooled and allowed to set up in the refrigerator overnight. These ring mold Tiramisus will be for an event next week in which Kayla and I have to create ten different cakes for an auction of some sorts.

I baked off my apple pithivier this morning and man is it gorgeous (so gorgeous I forgot to take a picture *sigh*). We baked it in the deck oven this time because Chef Shawnna told us there would be more lift to the puff if we did. She was right, it turned out beautifully! We cannot decide whether or not to use the pithiviers as a cafe dessert or for something else. Might as well use it as a cafe dessert though since it is a skill we need to cover.

All of today was used up preparing and assembling our Tiramisu cakes and nothing else. Though there were many techniques that we had not covered before so this is what took us longer.

It was a long and tiring day for both me and Kayla, so this entry is somewhat short and less descriptive but I shall make it up to you in the coming days. 🙂

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