Adv. Bread/Pastry – Day 26

March 6, 2017

Monday again and the feeling never stops when you wake up and think it will be the craziest day in the quarter. Although I had quite the change of heart when I found out that the cafe wasn’t opening since a dispute last week left the 180’s class with only three students. Passing the gossip, I didn’t have to make a cafe dessert and could focus on making up skills and trying new things like Lemon Thyme Pot a Creme with Orange Biscotti, both of which I had never made before and have always wanted to. Instead of doing larger pot a cremes next time, I will use the smaller one oz mugs with saucers; I think they will look cuter and obviously cook quicker.


So the first objective of the day was a sourdough levain for a Vermont-style sourdough loaf and a levain for cheesy bread tomorrow. I am looking forward to both because I have tried a Vermont-style sourdough before and it is to die for. As for the cheesy bread…it is insanely hard to resist the temptation of bubbly cheese forming bonds with glutinous bread crumbs so there you go!

Next order of business was to mise en place both biscotti and pot a creme ingredients so that I could get both of those cooking at the same time. And while those baked, I was tasked with dismantling – quite viciously – our chocolate snowmen sculptures from last quarter’s advanced baking class. I took no pictures because they weren’t worth it and I was relaying to Kayla the different goings-on at school while she lay in misery at home.

Biscotti is an amazing cookie because you can judge how crunchy you want to make the final product. I like it somewhat crumbly and not break-your-tooth-excruciatingly-painful hard kind, I wasn’t the only one who thought so. (Kudos from Chef Gil). You can also do whatever kind of flavor that tickles your fancy, which I then scream yes! really loudly inside so no one can hear…The freedom to do what you want is the best, that is when the magic happens 😉

Lastly, our tiramisu cakes were pulled from the freezer this morning for sale out of the bistro window at 11:30. Three or four sold which is nice but the rest will go into the cafeteria for $1.75 tomorrow morning along with a cherry chocolate cream cake. Our ribbon sponge on the cake turned out really nice as did the cocoa jelly that was poured over the creamy top to imitate dark glass. The jelly was a better alternative to cocoa powder, courtesy of Chef Shawnna. This tiramisu was different then ones I am used to because often times people buy the hard little ladyfingers and soak them for ages. Kayla and I made our own so it featured a more open crumb and was sponge like instead of a hard Pepperidge cookie. Each tiramisu made is different and I was thoroughly impressed with the product that turned out after creating it once.

Shorter day, thank the heavens because I had some homework to catch up on; not to mention our final is due next Tuesday as is our sketch and ingredient list on Wednesday.




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