Adv. Bread/Pastry – Day 27

March 7, 2017

Another day without Kayla, but I can manage since it is the end of the quarter and there isn’t much left to do but plan for finals. Oh!! I got offered to work an event on Orcas Island (my hometown!) this Friday; I guess it is another President’s meeting like the one on San Juan but more casual and less people, and less booze. In fact no booze at all or so I am told. We will feature more salmon sliders with cole slaw, another antipasto tray, a dessert torte and hopefully a dessert or two featuring my skills as a baker. Heehee…


The main attraction at the bakery theatre is Mocha Cake! I have wanted so strongly to make this cake, it just sounds decadent in every way. Still contemplating whether or not to put some sort of flavoring into my chocolate ganache filling, all I know is it will be very chocolatey and yummy! I also made meringue disks to go inside the cake in the layers between the cake and ganache. The outside will get a flat ice of buttercream and then a chocolate glaze pour over with some intricate ganache or buttercream piping as a decoration and maybe some meringue shells per slice. Not sure yet but I will get there!


The one bread I have been dying to make — actually two — is a cheese bread from Jeffrey Hammelman’s book and a Vermont Sourdough from the same author. I have had Vermont sourdough before and it was excellent, funny story that it was from San Francisco…Anyway, my cheese bread got baked off today and it was a very luscious dough, almost like a cinnamon roll dough but with a lot less sugar (none in fact) and cheese added. SO GOOD!!! The sourdough is retarding in the refrigerator overnight to help germinate deep flavor and have a better rise in the morning proof time.

I am letting the pictures speak for themselves here…Just taking it in and my mouth is watering so bad. Great part about saying this is I have tasted all of these pictures today and am sharing because I am such a good person (halo overhead). This bread is great for sandwiches or slathered with my favorite condiment – salted butter!!!


The spoils won today after working on multiple things and having them all turn out…OHHH! And —— the best part to close the day was homemade orange biscotti and a lovely latte made by dear Ellie! *heart pours into that latte*


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