Adv. Bread/Pastry – Day 28

March 8, 2017

SOOO happy that Kayla is feeling better and got the gumption to come into school today, I really missed her and appreciated her help with planning decorations on 10 different cakes for Thursday and Friday.

I like how calming and slow this week is since it is the end of the quarter. Everyone is focused on making things up and getting skills redone from when they missed school or demos. We are using up items before the quarter ends and aren’t ordering many things besides those needed for finals next week. One more week and then I am finished and will have accomplished a duel emphasis Associates Degree in Culinary Arts and Baking and Pastry.

The assembly of our mocha cake went exceptionally well this morning as the three layers of cake were smashed between heavenly espresso chocolate ganache and common meringue disks. Overall this thing looks good enough to eat! ]

Next Kayla and I planned what decoration and garnishing we would do on our cakes for Thursday and Friday. We have 10 cakes total: a lemon cheesecake, a berry swirl cheesecake, a vanilla cheesecake, two chocolate decadence cakes, a chocolate roulade, a cherry bavarian cake, a tiramisu cake, and a mocha cake. Each have to feature different kinds of garnishing and we came up with this: lemon drops, fruit glass, chocolate bowls, vodka chocolate, cherry truffles, white chocolate drizzle, bubble sugar, buttercream rosettes and coffee meringue cat paws. I am super excited to decorate these cakes tomorrow before the designated person comes to pick them up.

Lastly, my Vermont sourdough had been proofing for about four hours now and I was starting to get concerned. I think after all the time I spent doing sourdoughs this quarter, I am doing something wrong with my starter. I don’t think it has enough of a yeast collection everyday. I probably should have had it sit at room temperature for the last couple weeks instead of retarding it in the refrigerator. Oh well, correction time will come when I start experimenting more at home.

All of this gorgeous bread makes me want some…I’m gonna go get some right now!!!


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