Adv. Bread/Pastry – Day 29

March 9, 2017

Marvelous wonders coming to life within the confines of our small bakery in the Skagit Valley…Garnishes for Brigid Collin’s ten cakes were finished today and all that is needed tomorrow is to have them accompany their specified cakes. Success will be ours, Kayla! *coughs and calms herself from being excited at rocking-out that stuff*

Our fruit glass was dehydrating nicely in the deck oven overnight and we molded them into little petal-like fans; these will top the berry swirl cheesecake. We also accomplished our chocolate pour over on our mocha cake today and it turned out quite nicely, I will take a picture of the finished product with garnishes tomorrow when Brigid picks up the cakes.

Since I was meant to showcase my skills on Friday for another event sponsored by the school, I picked macaroons because I can really make good ones. About the time I say that and commit to the idea, we baked our macarons and a lot of them started cracking on us. We found this to be from little air bubble being trapped inside and forming a crack while baking, also they weren’t baked quite long enough so we threw them back in the oven to finish crisping up. The mistakes came in slow bursts today and it felt like not a lot was accomplished. The important thing was the mocha cake and the garnishes though; the product for the event came next.

We then played with some chocolate acetate strips and twirled them every which way possible. Only when it was time to unmold them we figured out our crazy twists wouldn’t stay intact so we came up with wispy little strips of chocolate instead which will turn out fine because we have these white and dark chocolate sticks to top on our decadence cake so all of those strips can be added with them. 20170309_113806

All curly and what not. oh well we had fun experimenting that is the best part!

I have another event on Friday to attend on Orcas Island at the Fire Station in Eastsound, I am the only student going to set stuff up and present things so it should be quite exciting.

P.S. Collin Jack!!! You have got this, your recipes are great and you have an awesome sous chef team to rely on with all your might. Go blow them outta the water with your food! 😉

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