Adv. Bread/Pastry – Day 30

March 13, 2017

This is finals week and the last week of college for me until coming back in the spring for Graduation!

Today I was working on all components for my final plated dessert on Tuesday at 10:15. I made a Blueberry Lavender Mousse with Cardamom Mascarpone Cream and Cinnamon Granola. It is garnished with a Granola Brittle and Port Poached Pear Coulis and Port Simple Syrup. All I have to do is assemble it tomorrow on the plate and I am gold, although I am wondering whether or not I want to add some puff pastry to my dessert for a different texture and another baked item, still unsure and maybe I will experiment tomorrow morning…

Blueberry Lavender Mousse
Blueberry Lavender Mousse
Blueberry Lavender Mousse


Also for those that didn’t see before, here are pictures from the Fire Station event on Orcas Island for the SVC President Reception:

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