May 1, 2017

The much-belated and anticipated wait for you all I am sure. It has been somewhat of a hassle establishing a work routine with my new job and juggling the home schedule along with it. But, never fear, I am still creating lovely morsels for my consumption, mostly, but also for those around me who wish to be guinea pigs (whether they like it or not 😉

Let me share a well-loved breakfast idea that has been passed down from every culinary apprentice and master chef in the world. Though everyone may have their preference of ingredients to inject into the fluffy and rich egg mixture, I prefer ham for it’s lending hand of flavor to different vegetables like creminis, zucchini, green onion, peppers, and not to neglect the star ingredient of all: Gruyere cheese!  Now, usually, I abstain from adding any extra fat to the quiche, if I can help it. But the fat is where the flavor is and it was a day where I just did not care how much fat was in the final product, I just wanted it in my mouth and my stomach. So there!

Switching gears over to Sweetville…introducing a lovely keeper of a turnover recipe!

King Arthur Flour has been my go-to site for delicious recipes, savory and sweet. The rustic quality of the dough with the addition of sour cream gives these pastries a sort of moist and flaky interior. Top it off with blackberries and some coarse grind sugar and you’re off to dreamland (literally, cause this was at 9:30 p.m.).

Whole wheat cinnamon rolls
Whole wheat cinnamon rolls
Whole wheat cinnamon rolls

The mini rolls you see above are inspired by a recipe that I experimented on with my new employer, Ted Aspinall, owner and chocolatier of Kathryn Taylor Chocolates here on Orcas Island. I decided to see if we could do minis at the shop in Eastsound, instead of the huge 10 oz. cinnamon rolls we were doing, they would be kid friendly and easily transportable. I am in the process of experimenting, and I think I finally found the perfect rendition of this recipe.

All pictures were compiled into one post from the past month since time just flies by without anyone noticing much, I haven’t been able to blog for a while and I missed it. So here you go, look and be amazed and inspired. Have fun! 🙂

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