Creations – July 16, 2017

Summer food has got to be the greatest, and with only two and a half months of loveliness on Orcas Island it is a critical staple.

Among the multitude of restaurants out here that adopt the local-as-much-as-possible policy, Rosario Resort has to take the prize. Nestled down on the eastern waterfront of Orcas Island, located just outside of Moran State Park is an ancient estate filled with history as much as rich and influential food from all over the globe. Bountiful island plants feed the Moran Lounge at Rosario and purveyors from every corner of the San Juans are happy to contribute to a place that uses almost one hundred percent of the product superbly. From spontaneous cocktails, to weekly or even daily specials, meats and cheeses I had yet to hear of, and traditional foods that are given a revamp – Rosario style. Sean, my twin, escorted me to this spectacular establishment for some fun and 20170716_152317

I refuse to glorify the above pictures anymore with dialogue that could potential bore you all, so just be satisfied in the knowledge that every bite of every creation will be thoroughly enjoyed.

Stay tuned in the coming week for Bites of Portland, Part 2! 😉

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