Creations – One hot summer day

September 3, 2017

Amidst the sweltering heat and light breeze, I toil away in my small kitchen. Why you ask? Because a Postal friend approached my brother with a recipe from a food magazine about ice cream tacos. Now, she had me at dessert and tacos so I immediately accepted whatever request was about to slip from my brother’s mouth. I guess she had some problems actually forming these cocoa powder cookies, sort of like tuile cookies in their temperament, that were filled with any kind of concoction you could muster.

I decided to experiment with Sean, my brother, today and see how it went. Of course, in doing something new that you don’t want to mess up you take twice as long on the task. You want it to turn out perfect and genuinely tell the person who asked this favor how it went afterwards. I have to say it was the best dessert item I have made in a while.

Dulce de Leche with homemade vanilla caramel sauce and toasted coconut with tempered baker’s chocolate and cocoa cookies shaped like tacos! The next is a strawberry ice cream with fresh strawberry basil salsa and crushed pistachios with whipped cream.

Strawberry salsa ice cream taco
Dulce de leche and vanilla caramel ice cream tacos

These are the latest occurences within my household and the guinea pigs are unfortunately subjected to tremendous amounts of temptation and torture.


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